Balance one for home user / gamer

Hi guys,

I’m considering purchasing the Balance One Core, but I’ve a few questions which I hoped you would be able to advise me before I take the plung.

This would be for my home with two BT Infinity 2 (70Mbps ish) fibre connections.

I’m a competitive gamer and streamer, so ping and bandwidth are critical for me, as even a small increase in response time can lose the game. We’ve quite a busy home from an internet usage perspective and this is frequently impacting me.

The sort of setup I’d be looking for would be:
Game console to use the connection with the lowest ping.
Streaming PC to always use the opposite connection from the game console, so that there is no competition between the two.
All other PC’s, mobile devices and TV streaming to dynamically use whatever the best connection is from a bandwidth availability perspective.

Would this be possible or what would a suitable setup be?

I’ve read up on the load balance algorithms which obviously dictate how the load is distributed, but I’m unclear on what basis this logic is applied. Is it per client, application or request / packet, or is this configurable?
If so on what basis? Such as, for the game console could it determine the connection with the lowest ping and then keep that as the WAN for the entire session, at the same time as all other clients dynamically determine the connection on a per packet basis?

Sorry if these are quite basic questions, I’m very much technically literate but from an application development perspective, I’ve had very little to do with networking before, other than basic LAN / WAN setup.

Many thanks,

Hi David,

Base on the description given, i will suggest that you split up the game console & other devices (PC’s, mobile devices and TV streaming) using the two different WAN. This will make sure the other devices in the networks will not congest the game console device.

Regarding to the latency concerns, seem both WANs are using BT Infinity 2, thus the lowest latency should not have much different for the WANs connection. It’s not suitable to use here.

Do consider the outbound policy below:

  1. Game Console device Priority WAN1
  2. All other PC’s, mobile devices and TV streaming Priority WAN2.

Thank You

I have balance one , i make almost similar config like You wrote - (guest) VLAN 1 ( for WAN2 with external IP , WAN1 (untaged LAN) is local network ( with internet connection (over local server). Then i make 2 SIDD , one for internal use ( second for guest (VLAN 1).
I make outbond policy thats VLAN 1 use only WAN2 connection but when i been connected to the VLAN 1 (via SIDD VLAN1 , dont check inter-vlan routing) i still can reach my local network.
i resolve this with firewall policy now (blocked from 192… to 10…) but if You can explain me why outbond policy not working (or mayby is working well but maybe I made a bad assumption about network availability )?
The second problem with which I can not handle it-
I make a captive portal on VLAN 1 (tokens), PC work well on this but when i check any mobile device (phones, tablets) with IOS or android (M$ systems work) - spalsh page dont appear and have error DNS not resolved on phones and tablets.

Sorry for my english .\


Hi Lavvka,

I think there is some misunderstanding here. Outbound Policy is not used to block inter-Vlan routing. Anyway, there is strange inter-Vlan routing still workable after you disable Inter-Vlan Routing.

  • May I know what firmware version you are using? Please upgarde to v6.3.1 if you are using old firmware.
  • Please provide screenshot of Untagged and Vlan1 settings if you still facing problem in v6.3.1.

I believe you Wifi of Balance One was managed by InControl2. Can you compare settings of the IP, Subnet, Gateway and DNS IP between the PC and mobile device? Any different?

Hi again,
Thx a lot for so fast response.
Problem with outgoing policy go to second plan :slight_smile: - like i wrote before i solve it with firewall rule.

Problem with captive portal stll exists

I believe you Wifi of Balance One was managed by InControl2 - YES. Can you compare settings of the IP, Subnet, Gateway and DNS IP between the PC and mobile device? Any different? - all be same and automatic.

  • May I know what firmware version you are using? - YES i using

settings VLAN1 and Incontrol

Still have this problem with mobile devices (login screen dont show) no DNS on mobile devices.


Hi Lavvka,

This is strange. No idea here. Please help to open ticket for us to take closer look.

Thank you.