Balance One - Drops Internet/Disappears

In our office, we have Comcast Business Internet coming in through a Comcast-provided gateway that’s dumbed down into bridge mode. That feeds into our Balance One router. The Balance One serves as our router and as a wireless AP for half the office, feeding into a 24 port unmanaged switch and a Unifi AP that serves the other half of the office.

Occasionally, and without warning, our office Internet disappears. At that time, the Balance One becomes inaccessible through the network - wired or wirelessly. Sometimes, if you give it five minutes, it fixes itself. Other times, I have to physically reset the Balance One. After physically resetting the device, our network and our Internet is restored.

Checking the event logs, all I ever see is a “System: Time synchronization fail”. But I don’t see this every time we have a downtime event, and we’re set to use the default Peplink time server. I’ve also tried all the recommended fixes offered when I search for “Time synchronization fail”.

I have updated firmware several times, and completely torn down and rebuilt the network twice (beauty of a small office with <50 connections. We’re currently on the 6.3.0 build 2189 firmware for the Balance One.

Any ideas as to why we’re losing Internet intermittently and the router with it? I’m not happy with our Comcast service, but as disgruntled as I am, I can’t find a way to blame them for this.

Please open a support ticket for further investigation:

I have the exact same problem with my Balance One. Let me know if you were able to resolve this.


Please open ticket for us to do investigation.

Thank you.

Same problem with brand new Peplink Balance One - I will also open a ticket.

Please post here if you have had a similar problem so we can see how many people this is affecting.

They’ll ask you to submit a trouble ticket. Do so. The tech team has been incredibly helpful and and we’re able to run at 30-45 days uptime without any issues (and typically any issues we run into are Comcast-based, not Peplink).

Thanks for your reply. What was the problem/solution they found for you?

I would be interested in hearing that too, as I am having the same problem with my new Balance One Core (ticket #771867).

@FRSnick could you answer pleaseeeee?

Our issue stemmed from an internal conflict with the onboard AP. It would work without fail as a router, but as soon as we turned on the wireless AP capabilities, it began dropping Internet about once a week.

Our issue was resolved with what appears to be a custom brewed firmware. I haven’t updated our firmware in the year+ since we resolved the issue. YMMV, but if you’re using the wireless AP function, turn it off and see if that doesn’t help.

Had we not been able to resolve the issue without keeping wireless off, we would have just added another Ubiquiti Unifi AP for the area the router covers.

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I had the exact same problem with my Balance One

My Balance One Core (no AP) router stops assigning IPs after about 45 minutes from power up, and attached computers then cease communicating with the router. This happens with only one computer plugged into an ethernet port, no WAN, no AP, nothing, or with an AP, gateway plugged in and multiple computers attached. Happens with firmware build 2742 and and 6.3.1 build 2256.

This started happening within 45 minutes of the first time I powered it on when it first arrived.

After a week of exchanging emails with tech support about the issue, they have concluded that it is malfunctioning and will be exchanging it.