Balance One Core with FTTC G.Fast

Hi all,
I have a very strange issue and wondering if anyone can help.
Brand new Balance One Core connecting to a newly installed FTTC G.Fast service. When the service was provisioned, the engineer tested the circuit and got speeds of up to 250Mbps down.
The router connects to the service and has sync but we are getting a really strange issue where the DNS seems to be blocked or not delivered correctly. Webpages not delivered unless the users refresh the page between 8 to 10 times.

Could the Balance One Core not be compatible with FTTC G.Fast?
I am not convinced this is the case as the modem is provided by the carrier but I cannot find any other solutions.

Hi Keith.
Have you tried setting Google as the DNS servers on the fttc wan? Is the MTU set to auto?

Hey Martin!
Yes I tried changing the DNS and have also set the MTU to auto but still no difference. It’s driving me up the wall.
Originally I was convinced it would be the ISP but as G.Fast is new, from digging around, there are specific routers that ISP in the UK would provide. This made me think about any possible compatibility issues.
They supply a Technicolor DGA2231

Hi Keith,
Do you get failed health checks when setting the WAN health check to DNS Lookup?
And have you checked with one or more client devices just to rule the client device out?

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And do you have that in bridge mode so the balance One has a public IP on its WAN interface?

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Hey Erik, nope. The health check is absolutely fine.

It’s the same story for all clients on the LAN.

It’s not in bridge mode. It’s PPPoE with the FTTC credentials in the username and password.
BT Openreach provided the usual white modem but this is a specific G.Fast varyant.

OK, so the G.Fast bit should be managed by the BT modem fine and it then presents as ethernet to the WAN of the Balance.It log a ticket with Peplink engineering with a diag report and ask for a deeper look at whats going on.

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Hey Martin,
Thank you very much for the ‘sounding board’ advice :slight_smile:
I am at the customer premises this morning so will follow up and log with support.