Balance One Core Question About Rated Throughput

I currently have an Actiontec C2000A modem/router from CenturyLink that I use with fiberoptic Gb service. When I do speed tests I typically see something like 933 Mbps down and 800 Mbps up. I’m considering purchasing the Balance One Core Router to replace the Actiontec, but I noticed that it has a maximum rated throughput of only 600 Mbps. I have been unable to find a similar rating for the Actiontec.

If I change to the Peplink, does this mean my measured internet download and upload speeds will be “throttled” or “bottlenecked” to 600 Mbps by the Balance One Core, or are maximum internet speeds unrelated to router throughput? I realize that I never actually download a file at 933 Mbps, but it is still nice to see those speed test numbers show up. If my speed tests changed to 600 Mbps down and 600 Mbps up I’d feel like I was cheating myself. Thanks!


Router throughput referring to the maximum network traffics loads that can be handle by the router. If the router mainly handle for internet traffics then you can relate router throughput with the available download/upload speeds for the internet connection.

For your case internet link Download: 933 Mbps, Upload: 800 Mbps, this actually exceeded the maximum router throughput for Balance One core. You should look for other model. Please refer to the attached URL for the available model.

Thank You

Well flip! That’s disappointing. I don’t wish to purchase a router that is slower than my internet pipe. Yet, the price of the Balance 305 is pretty high for home use. Many non business class routers from D-Link, TP Link, ASUS, etc. have higher throughputs than 600 Mbps. Granted, they also don’t have the dual WAN capabililty. I hope Peplink can upgrade or release a new similar model to the Balance One Core that will be fast enough for fiber optic connections, but at a lower price point. Those fiber optic options to the home are becoming much more available.