Balance One Core - Protecting a traffic-limited WAN

I will be using Balance One in the following Scenario

1 LTE line 50/24 (30ms) - WAN 1 (best performance but has a 200GB monthly traffic limit)
1 Satellite 16/4 (700ms) - WAN 2 (Unlimited traffic )

Outbound policy:

  • WAN 1 only for browsing
  • WAN 2 only for downloading (possible?), video playback and streaming services (Youtube and similar)

What happens if WAN 2 fails and all traffic is routed to WAN 1?

a - Not possible because of outbound policy
b - Routed anyway to WAN 1 with no limits
c - Limited somehow?

So how would you protect a traffic-limited WAN?

I have feedback here.

This is depending on the defined Outbound Policy rules. Please refer here for better understanding on our Outbound Policy Algorithm. In fact, the failover traffic will follow the bahavior of the WAN link which they are passing through.