Balance One Core license 3-5

Is anyone aware of the approximating cost of the 3-5 license of the balance core?


Oh god, what a noob am I!!! :rolleyes:


BTW, do you know what flexibility is achievable with this upgrade? For instance:

  • can you revert to 2 WAN + 8 LAN?
  • Any mixed combination such as 3 WAN + 7 LAN?

Once the license is applied the 5 WAN ports are permanent and you will have a total of 5 LAN ports. Thanks.

The Balance One supports failover, that is if one line fails, traffic is redirected automatically over the next available WAN. Correct?
If this is true, how does failover works over 5 WANs? In the same way?

Balance routers have 7 load balancing algorithms for tuning your traffic.

Use these algorithms to configure a simple priority-based failover rule or use multiple rules to create complex traffic shaping: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum

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I don’t understand how the Balance One will switch to other WAN if a disconnection occurs

The Balance checks the status of each WAN using the settings of WAN > [Connection] > Health Check Settings. The default setting is a DNS check in which the Balance attempts to contact each connection’s DNS servers. If the Health Check fails for a connection, the Balance considers that (WAN) connection to be down. The default setting sees the Health Check performed every five seconds.

Once a (WAN) connection is down, the Balance will use the rules in Outbound Policy to determine which WAN connection(s) receive(s) traffic. If a rule is created using the Priority algorithm, the Balance will failover based on the order set in the rule: WAN1 to WAN4 to WAN2 to WAN3 or whatever order you set. You could create several rules that would allow a main WAN (say WAN 1) to failover evenly to three WAN connections (WAN 2, WAN 3 and WAN 4) using a Priority based rule followed by a Weighted Balance rule. It all comes down to how the Outbound rules are defined and ordered.

If you haven’t yet, check out the online demo: You can play with the Outbound Policy rules, create your own and change the order to get a sense of how it works while reading through the two links I posted prior.

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