Balance One Core LAN port notice LAN down often

Hi team

I just installed CCTV Samsung Model SRN 473S NVR Recorder and I use the router gateway was Balance One Core after I configure and plugin LAN Cable to LAN Port 1 a which assignment VLAN 100 for CCTV only I found any problem with LAN still notice report LAN down often please see details as the

attached file. Please kindly help advise how to solve this issue. Maybe in case from NVR recorder, I 'll clam hardware with saler

Can you try forcing that port to 100Mbps?
Go to Network / Port Settings and change the Speed from auto to fixed 100Mbps
See if you get the same error after this.

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Most likely the Ethernet cable, replace it first.


Big thank Martin I 'll to our team replacement new lan cable

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Thank I 'll configure as your advise

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