Balance One Core Admin Problems

Hoping someone can help me with this issue.
My Balance One has developed a problem with the Web Admin UI. Some of the issues:
(1) Dashboard just shows a refresh circle but no info other than the Balance One IP
(2) No client lists of active sessions are shown
(3) Can’t do a reboot from within the web admin page
(4) Can’t update the firmware (though it it telling me there is an update)

The device is still working in that it is routing and 2 out of my 3 WAN connections are operating, however it’s not right.

Appreciate any advice. The unit is still under warranty.


Just as an update I logged into the Balance One using a different PC and it worked - managed to update FW and add 3rd WAN. The different PC was a Mac running Safari v12. My normal PC is a Mac running Safari v13.
Now that the FW has been updated though I am again able to see the Peplink admin UI from my Mac running Safari v13 - so looks like problem resolved ?

Web browsers (including Safari) sometimes are overly aggressive about caching data. If it happens again, try holding shift key while clicking the reload icon. Quit/restart the browser. Finally, try clearing the browser cache entirely.

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