Balance One Cannot Access Web Admin Without Reboot

Hello - I have a Balance One with the latest firmware that logs onto a PPOE internet connection and also have an AP AC One Mini that I use for Wifi. My problem is that frequently I lose connectivity not only to the internet, but more importantly to the router at I can’t understand why I would lose connectivity within my network even if the internet is down.

This means I have to go to the router and physically reboot it which is a pain in the tuckus. Has anyone else had a similar problem. Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem or even better a solution would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you All

Possibly a physical network loop.
If it happens again unplug everything from the LAN and try and access the web ui again and see if that helps.

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Hi @PrinceAli

If you already haven’t, please open a support ticket here so we can take a closer look at the issue.

Thank you.

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Thank you Martin for the response. I tried what you described and it still didn’t work. The issue must have something to do with DHCP because connected devices are not being assigned IP addresses by the router. At least that’s what they’re telling me :slight_smile: .

Thank you Ashiq - I opened a ticket. I appreciate Peplink’s customer service.