Balance One & AP One AC Mini SSID



I am controlling a AP One AC Mini with a Balance One. I am experiencing a problem adding new SSID"s, when I add the SSID in the Balance One AP GUI, the setting does not get pushed out to the AP One, and the new SSID’s are not showing up. Should this happen automatically, or do I need to push the new configuration in some way.

I am running 6.3.0 build 2189 on the Balance One, and 3.5.2 build 1540 on the AP One.




Hi Steve,

  1. Please ensure AP One AC Mini showed online and synced with Balance One. Please find the screen shot below.

  1. AP able to communicate with Balance One? You may ping Balance One LAN IP from AP via System > Ping.

  1. The AP One shows a “Config Sync Pending” State on the Balance One. How do I sync it?

  2. The AP is able to communicate with the Balance One, and the Balance One is pingable.



Hi Steve,

May I know how long the AP stuck at “Config Sync Pending”? AP and Balance One are on the same subnet?


The have been stuck in this state for at least 2 days, all devices are on the same subnet, and I have tested connectivity in both directions, from the router and from the AP’s.

During my troubleshooting, I added a second AP One, and it got the configuration from the Router. I then tested this issue again, by adding a new SSID, and none of the AP’s changed the configuration.

I suspect there is a bug around changing SSID configs, and not a connection issue.



Hi Steve,

Please open a support ticket here for the team to check further.

Thank You


I have opened ticket #757935 for this issue.



Hi Steve,

We will follow up with you by using the support ticket.

Thank you