Balance One and Verizon AC791L


i spent some amount of time on phone and chat with live sales before purchasing the Balance One Router. I have a temp office and using the Verizon jetpack as my internet source but want to tie into the balance One for other items including Ethernet with printers.

i was told specifically that I could tether the jetpack to the balance One but it is not working. Can someone assist me with the steps to make this work?

Nothing special should be needed, if it will not connect then you can open a support ticket for further checking:


All I did was plug in the 4g to the balance One and turned on tether on 4g. Do I need to do something specifically in set up as the small instructions only discuss starting with typical Ethernet connection which this is not

There are a few things that you need to do in order to get the hotspot to work. First, check the USB port of the Balance is enabled. Log into the router and click on the Network tab. Click Mobile Internet, and check the box for Enable. Then save and apply. You’ll be loaded back to the dashboard screen of the router and you’ll see WAN 1 and Mobile Internet listed.

At this point, you are ready to use the hotspot in the router. Plug this into the USB port, and your hotspot display will ask if you want to charge only, or charge/tether. Select the tether option, and in a moment you will see the Mobile Internet on the dashboard show Connected.

Thank you for the response and will try this.

I did the above and mobile internet says connecting and then has message - “WAN Failed SmartCheck”. I am not sure what to do now.

Is the firmware current and did you open a support ticket? Thanks.