Balance one and chromecast


I’m trying to get a chromecast to work with a balance one, the chromecast can connect to the network without any issues however I’m unable to see the device from any other device on the network.

After contacting google they have suggested I turn off AP Isolation on the router but I can’t see any setting that even looks remotely similar to this. I would assume isolation is not turned on as I can see everything I’d expect to on the network (except the chromecast) when I connect a laptop wirelessly.

What settings should I have to enable the chromecast to work?



  1. Can you confirm Chromecast was connected to Balance One? Please go Status -> Client List to confirm.

  2. May I know what device you used to control the Chromecast and the device can connect to internet?


Please find the attached to confirm you L2 isolation setting. It is disabled by default.

Thanks changing the L2 isolation sorted the issue. Those settings are rather hard to find without direction.

Glad to hear that!