Balance One - 3 WAN - Suggested basic policy

The Balance One is here! While awaiting for the license upgrade to 3/5 WAN, and technicians to complete the rack mount, can’t wait to plan the first policies!

So this is the scenario:

  • very small K-12 school
  • 30 staff users
  • 30 students non-constantly accessing the Internet


  • Staff and students: online register, Google products (mail, drive, calendar), browsing for resources (videos, pictures, text content, wiki etc)
  • Administrative: Google products, plus online banking
  • School server: Windows updates for school’s clients, Google Drive replication/sync
  • LAN PCs: antivirus & antimalware updates
  • Mobile phones and devices: anything ranging from app/sys updates to browsing

**LAN logical clients:
**- 1 server (*)

  • Administrative: 4 PCs (*)
  • Teachers: 25 PCs (*)
  • Students Lab: 15Pcs (*)
  • 40 mobile devices ()
    (*) - Fixed IP
    ) - DHCP

WAN1: SHDSL 4/4Mb/s, 40ms (unlimited traffic)
WAN2: LTE 90/25Mb/s, 40ms, capped at 200GB monthly
WAN3: Satellite 16/6Mb/s, 700ms (unlimited traffic)

**- low priority: mobile devices, video/audio streaming, file-xfer, server traffic

  • high priority: Gmail, banking, some selected sites
  • medium priority: all the rest
  • use fastest line (traffic limited) for browsing, excluding heavy traffic

Assuming WAN2 has a monthly cap set to 200GB, what would be your basic policy (obviously to be refined and tweaked over time)??

Personally, I will have default set with priority beginning from WAN 1, 2 and then 3.
A custom rule to with priority set for low-priority traffic from WAN 3, 1, and then 2.

Maybe some QoS to filter the clients.
Firewall is probably for content management since it’s a school.