Balance/MAX/Surf SOHO Firmware 7.1.2 & SD-Switch Firmware 1.2.0 Now in GA



We are pleased to announce the GA Version of Firmware 7.1.2 and SD-Switch Firmware 1.2.0. These releases fix a number of issues and lay the foundation for some upcoming products.

Firmware 7.1.2. Release Notes

SD-Switch Firmware 1.2.0 Release Notes

Feature Highlight:

  • SD-Switch - Inter-VLAN Routing: Aka layer 3 routing. Performs IP packet forwarding between VLANs

To get yours, simply head over to and download for your router. Alternatively, you can update via InControl 2 Firmware Management



Upgraded from inside a Balance One Core. Smooth upgrade and things with it and the downstream AP One Es seem fine so far.


Sad to be upgrading this switch!

Pretty sure the only reason why it went off line is because we lost power for multiple hours during one of the storms we had last winter.

Decent data been put through it too!


Very nice! I just went through the same feeling when upgrading one of my FusionHubs to the latest beta.

I have had the latest switch firmware 1.2.0 running on ~10 switches for 2 months now with zero problems.


Our FusionHubs usually run for over a year and we upgrade them if they where rebooted or security updates are needed.
Been running 1.2.0 build 211 for 13 days now without issue. Switches have been solid in our installs!