Balance/MAX/Surf SOHO Firmware 7.1.1 RC3 & SD-Switch Firmware 1.1.2 RC


Hi Folks,

  • Balance/MAX/Surf SOHO Firmware 7.1.1 is now in RC3. RC3 is mainly bug fixes from the feedback we received on RC2. This Firmware will become GA in around one week’s time. Here are the Release Notes.

  • SD-Switch Firmware 1.1.2 is now in RC1! In this Firmware, we’ve added support for port mirroring as well as port access control. Here are the Release Notes.

Download Here!



Two problems observed w RC3:

(1) Manual Upgrade to RC3 (7.1.1 3545) on HD2 HW2 fails (locks up at 79%) unless upgrade done immediately after a reboot.

(2) HD2 failed to pick up DHCP from WAN 1 via Gig Ethernet connected to ARRIS SB6190 on Comcast Cable Internet. Reboot didn’t help. Reboot to 7.1.0s026 3508 fixed problem.


@djk, we just did a test with same hardware and firmware as yours but didn’t see the issue when upgrading to 7.1.1 RC3. Can you submit a support ticket for us to investigate?


My display is not a touch screen. Navigating with a mouse/touch pad is clumsy and human inefficient. I’d wish keyboard navigation for at least the “Save” buttons.


Over here the upgrade also locks up at 79% for fw-b210_310_hw2_hw3-7.1.1-build3545 on Balance 310 HW3 even after waiting for 15 minutes there is no more progress beyond: 79%. And after a power cycle the Balance does no longer boot to any firmware, at least the Balance no longer responds on the WAN admin port takes > 2 minutes to start responding to ping packets.



The 2nd time, 7 hours after the last reboot, for fw-b210_310_hw2_hw3-7.1.1-build3545 on Balance 310 HW3 continues to the 90% rebooting message:


In response to @djk, Issue (2) might be linked to Surf SOHO MK3 never finishes connecting to cable modem if modem reboots (was reported on the SOHO but is happening on other devices too very likely). They are working on a special build to resolve that issue (will be available shortly), but I was told this would not make it into 7.1.1 although it sounds pretty serious to me (traffic is leaking to the WAN under certain circumstances…). The fix to that problem will be picked up in the next GA build after 7.1.1, tentatively 7.2 (so I was told)…


HD4 HW1 Mediafast updated to 7.1.1 3738 properly.


Thanks for the update. Issue (2) is more than serious - it makes the router’s only WAN connection unusable. Not a big deal, we just fell back to RC2. The cable modem was never rebooted. Unfortunately, that WAN connection is the only one on this particular unit, so no RA without some type of 'net connection.


@djk and @peparn,

Don’t think the issue are the same. @peparn reported issue only for SOHO MK3. We had checked on this and confirm HD2 have no issue for that.

The opened ticket for B310, while the previous reported issue is on HD2. We will followup with you via support ticket.


Please open a support ticket for support team to check ? The issue can be related to flash storage. Base on the latest screenshot, look like the firmware successful upgraded. We may need to check from the device to confirm everything is working fine for the device.


Is there a GA release dat for 7.1.1?

Many thanks


Hello Everyone,

Firmware 7.1.1 is now in RC4, which fixes the cellular signal strength display in InControl under Reports > Cellular Reports.

Download Firmware 7.1.1 RC4