Balance/MAX Firmware 5.4.9 Available Now!

Firmware 5.4.9 is available to download right now. Featuring new SpeedFusion functionality and a range of important performance and stability improvements, Firmware 5.4.9 is an essential update to existing Balance and MAX deployments.

Click here and download now.

Changes to Peplink Balance Firmware 5.4.9 since 5.4.7

  • Lowest latency mode for SpeedFusion
  • Manual mapping for SpeedFusion support


  • Overall system stability
  • SpeedFusion stability and performance
  • Local DNS proxy stability and performance
  • Client bandwidth usage display issue
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I am using the 20s and the 30s… is the 5.4.9 a necessary upgrade?

It is a recommended update but not absolutely necessary.

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What is Manual Mapping in SpeedFusion ?!

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Manual Mapping will allow you to specify each of the WANs remote WAN connections within the SpeedFusion profile. You can access this feature by clicking on the ? on WAN Connection Priority

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looks interesting when is it going to be available. in the process of rolling a couple of balance 20s with IPSEC. Pepvpn looks like an option for these.

A better option in fact, nehaali.

PepVPN will be available for Balance 20 in firmware 6.1 which will be released in beta this week. Production release will come a few weeks after.

If you want to sneak a peep, please signup to the beta program at and you will be notified when a beta is available.

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Does this have Bit Torrent blocking for Balance 380?

Hi Hootan,
Manual Mapping in SpeedFusion will allow you to connect to specific wan port @ the remote site it’s like enforcing it to connect to this WAN Port firstly and the benefit of it! if the customer needs to connect specific branch to a dedicated WAN port in his Peplink at the Main branch as the 1st or the only connection point to this branch and other WAN’s as Secondary connection, So now you can control the priority of the connection from both sides :slight_smile: