Balance Managed APs with different channels

I currently have two APs connected to my Balance 30 a AP One 300M and a AP One In-Wall. One is connected in my Living Room area and the other in my bedroom. I have been having a lot of issues lately whereas my roku in the living room area may decide to connect to my AP in my bedroom…which is going to be a very weak signal of course, also my printer may decide to connect to the furthest away AP as well.

My real question is I wish to get wifi roaming working on my network where the devices can always grab the nearest AP. After some reading online one thing i saw i needed to do was have both APs on different channels, frequency, etc. I cant seem to be able to do that with the Balance 30 managing them. Will i need to remove them from being managed from the Balance 30? Can someone assist me with the setup perhaps with how i can achieve the wifi roaming without the need to remove them from being managed by the balance 30.

I would like to keep my SSID the same for both APs. I absolutely hate seeing multiple SSID names in homes.


I would recommend that you ensure that Channel/Power selection is set to Auto. You may need to click on the (?) to enable advanced settings to set power to auto. Otherwise I would also, login to the AP’s manually (as this is not configurable from the AP Controller on this model) and set a minimum Client Signal Strength Threshold level. This can be done by going to Advanced Wireless>Performance Tuning. Example, setting it to 40. AP’s will reject any association requests from clients that doesn’t meet the minimum signal strength specified which should help the client connect to the best AP.