Balance: Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention IP address exclusions

##Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention

##Legitimate traffic blocked
Enabling “Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention” might loose inbound access to Microsoft RDP servers. At least in our case it did.


Only disabling “Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention” returned access to the RDP services for our remote users.
Upgrading to firmware 7.0.0 build 3310 doesn’t improve.

Wish: inbound allow all traffic priority

Despite that we are having inbound firewall rules with some IP-address to allow all traffic, the DOS filtering seems to take priority above that. Here is the feature request to allow the the configured inbound rules for IP-addresses and networks that allow any traffic, to take priority above “Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention” filtering.


Did you open a ticket to peplink?
I have a similar problem with our device


Dear Peplink SUpport

Can we get a Whitelist and Logs for Intrusion and Dos Prevention.

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