Balance hardware recovery usinf firmware

I have a Balance 210, last I did, was that the firmware was upgraded, but it operated a while but suddenly when turned on, it did not worked; it never boots again, and the front leds remain in a continuos cycle state. I have about 80 more of this model and the others did not have any problem when upgraded.

Is ther any way to re-flash the firmware using the frontal usb port or any other procedure?

I will appreciate your help.


We can’t re-flash the firmware with the USB port, and if it happens only to this unit but not the rest of the other 80, then probably it is not due to the firmware upgrade, but rather some other issue.

We will need it back to our RMA facility for a closer look. Could you please contact your distributor/reseller for a RMA request, or if purchased from us directly, please contact Peplink support. Thanks.