Balance for Verizon 4G LTE discontinued?


I can’t seem to find the BPL-031-LTE-V-T on your website anymore. 3gstore lists it as discontinued.

Is there a newer version coming for it? Why was it discontinued? Was hoping to get one to use on Verizon 4G.


Peplink is starting to release hardware versions that are compatible with all the US carriers. The devices have a US in place of the V or A.


Where did you find that info? I can’t find that info on the website. BPL-031-LTE-US-T ?

Also, is the new model going to support band 4 XLTE for Verizon?

Hi Xerxes,

US model is BPL-031-LTE-US-T.


Hi TK,

Where can I find more info and where can it be purchased? Also, are the new units white listed to be activated on Verizon? Verizon will only activate products in their database.


You may send your request to [email protected].

Thank you.

FYI. For anyone else reading this read, according to sales, the new replacement model, BPL-031-LTE-US-T, is not available in the USA due to it not being compatible with US carriers.

Any update on when the BPL-031-LTE-US-T will be released to support Verizon?

It is listed in the datasheet, but I can’t find it anywhere to purchase.

It is available now, please reach out to a certified partner:

Thank you. It seems the Amazon storefront is still selling the older models and does not have the new model.

That is old stock, I don’t recommend buying this on Amazon.