Balance_D695, LAN ports only at 100/baseT, no gigabit

I cannot enable gigabit on the LAN ports on this balanceD695. The product is functional with “auto” on the LAN ports but only broadcasts as 100mbps. This is throttling my speed for everything behind the WAN. WAN port is gigabit and both LEDs are lit.

Product: Peplink Balance One Core

  1. Changed cables
  2. Tried to disable advertise speed
  3. Tried to set manually to gigabit full duplex
  4. Updated Firmware to 8.1.1 build 5040

When set to gigabit full duplex, all lights go out and I have to factory reset to even get back into the device as all LAN is disabled at that point. This is a nice router, but if I cannot fix this I will have to replace.

Any insights?

Not much I can suggest here.
Hard Factory reset is worth it to test. Otherwise it sounds like it might need replacing.

done multiple factory resets…seems like a software thing since the LEDs will light up when booting