Balance Core One: Potential issues with satellite connection

Hi there,
before buying a Balance One Core I am wondering if there could be some issues due to the following scenario:

  • 37 pcs in a LAN
  • 2 DSL with very poor quality 1M downlink each
  • 1 SAT conenction 16M/4M 700ms latency
  • Possible to add a 4G/LTE connection 20M/2M 40ms
  • No VPN, no speedfusion requirements

Assuming the satellite line has the highest speed and latency, can this factors fool the Balance One somehow and are there any settings or requirements to configure the device in this scenario?

The default outbound algorithm out of the box is Lowest Latency, so traffic will always favor the connection with the lowest latency. With our custom outbound policy routing though you can completely customize this to fir any environment: