Balance AP Controller in Mixed Network

Hi all,

I am hoping to set up a bunch of Pepwave APs for a client and manage them through the Balance 305 already onsite. It is a bit of a mixed network with some Mikrotik point to point equipment and APs, and some of this Mikrotik equipment will need to stay in place for the time being. It is a simple network with no VLANs in place and the Balance 305 handles all DHCP. If I have some other brand APs and non-managed switches inbetween the Pepwave APs and the Balance 305 will the Balance 305 still be able to manage it? All the other devices pass DHCP forward to the Balance router, so I am presuming it will happily detect the Pepwave APs but thought it was worth a double check before I quote on it for my client. Thanks!

It should detect the ap’s.

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Thank you!