Balance and direct Point to Point connection to datacenter - how to config?

Currently, we have an issue…

We are moving our servers from in-house to a datacenter. As part of this move, we ordered and had delivered a point-to-point circuit between our office and the datacenter installed.

Currently, we have the connection working - I can access everything (ping, trace route, applications, etc.) LAN to Datacenter just fine, and Datacenter to Datacenter just fine, but LAN to LAN isn’t working, and Datacenter to LAN isn’t working.

Tracert from Datacenter to LAN stop at our Peplink, and tracert from LAN to LAN host get “Destination host unreachable” on the first hop. I can ping the Peplink’s IPs from both LAN and Datacenter just fine.

Any assistance of even where to begin looking would help! I’ve gone through the KB and can’t find anything I haven’t already tried. Thank you!

This is our desired network map:

*(Disregard WAN2 & WAN3, they do not exist yet)

*Here is the current Peplink configuration, starting from Factory defaults, Firmware 6.2.2 Build 3008 (note, we are using a Balance 30 for testing purposes, as we cannot keep taking our Balance 380 offline to test. The intent is to figure out what the configurations need to be and then replicate them on the production Balance 380).


  1. LAN to LAN isn’t working

Please elaborate more on this. Do you mean PC1 can’t ping to PC2 (based on the diagram)?

  1. Datacenter to LAN isn’t working

You have configured WAN1 as NAT mode. So from Data Center can’t access at remote office. Please change WAN1 as IP Forwarding - Network > WAN > WAN1 > Click “?” of Routing Mode > here > IP Forwarding.

TK Liew,

Thank you for answering.

  1. That is correct; PC1 cannot ping PC2, PC2 cannot ping PC1, and a trace route fails also. However, both can access the datacenter just fine.

  2. I have now configured WAN1 as IP Forwarding and we are having the exact same results as before (as described in the initial post and above, even after changing to IP forwarding).


If both PCs also can’t ping to each other, this should caused by the firewall on the PCs. Please disable Firewall on both PC and test again.

TK Lew,

That is not the problem. Both Windows firewalls are disabled on the PCs, it was first thing I did. And even if that was the case, it doesn’t explain the datacenter not being able to reach the PCs.

Also, I have tested the connection with our production Peplink, and everything works as it should with the same WAN1 and LAN connections… does this mean there is something wrong with our lab Peplink 30? Or is there a setting not in WAN1 or LAN that needs to be done? I can’t imagine our firewall rules would have anything to do with it…


Based on the provided diagram, PC1, PC2 and Peplink LAN port are under same broadcast domain. Which is Layer 2 connection. If PC1 can’t reach to PC2, not surprise that connection from Data Center can’t reach PC1 or PC2.

May I know Peplink able to ping to PC1 or PC2? You ay test ping via System > Ping

If Peplink’s LAN can’t ping to PCs, you may need to check on your LAN connection or settings on the switch.

I attempted to ping the PCs from the Peplink. The Peplink cannot ping the PCs. Instead, the ping results show that it redirects to, which is the datacenter, then to, which is itself, and all pings fail. This is very similar to the traceroutes we have done, it appears that the Balance 30 does not know what to do with traffic.

The switch we are using is an unmanaged, “dumb” switch. There are no settings to configure. Just to rule that out, I unplugged the PCs from the LAN ports on the switch, and instead plugged them into the LAN ports on the Peplink itself. I received the same behavior as before.

Again, this works with our “production” Peplink, a Balance 380, with the same LAN and WAN settings (as I mentioned in the post you quoted), and on top of that, the same exact PC1 and PC2. Given that, I am going to assume that you agree there is something wrong with the Balance 30 itself? Or do you know of any other settings that might cause an issue like this in the Balance 30?


I believe this is something to do with your settings. Please open ticket for us to confirm.

I was kinda hoping to get this settled through the community without opening a ticket - the individual who purchased this device is no longer with the company and we are not sure what reseller he got it through, and thus, don’t think we have support…