Balance 710 - Rebooting itselt

What can be the reason for this? It happens a couple of times per month, but sometimes reboots up to 5 times before it starts to work normally.


This is not normal behavior so please open a support ticket with us here so we can investigate the issue.

Where can I see the status of the support ticket?


This has been escalated to engineering to confirm the cause and you should be receiving email updates on the status.

Thank you!


We started having same issue with our Balance 710 after upgrading to 6.3.1. Already happened 2 times today.


Do you have support ticket created for the issue ? Possible to share the support ticket number here ?

Thank You

I have not setup ticket; busy schedule this month. I did notice that the issue appears to be when making changes to outbound policy rules. For instance say you have HTTPS setup to use WAN4, than WAN2. When changing order to WAN2 than WAN4 can cause unit to restart. If you guys don’t find the issue, I’ll try to setup a ticket sometime later this month. Unfortunately right now my schedule is too backed up to deal with it. Overall on our end this issue only started happening after switching to latest firmware and when making changes to outbound policies although I haven’t made changes to other sections to guarantee 100% that the issue has to do with outbound only.


Please help to submit ticket. This allowed to take closer look and confirm the root caused.

Thank you.

I’ll try to setup a ticket sometime this week or the following at the latest. In the meantime wanted to update you with additional info. The issue on our end is with the Balance 710 HW1. The unit looses outbound connection to the WAN upon saving any changes to the unit. Earlier I reported that we had problems when changing outbound policies. I can now confirm the issue also occurs when making changes in firewall section as well as inbound access services section. You can make the changes without problems but the minute you apply the changes either the unit restarts or simply no longer accepts outbound/inbound wan connections etc…


Thanks for the additional info! We will keep this in mind when checking your box.


Can you please share your support ticket number here ?

Thank You

Same problem here with Hardware v1


Please open a support tickethere. This will allow us to further investigate the reported issue.

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I don’t have waranty but the problem its a bad port wan, disconnected and now I can make changes without restartng.

Emm… We never received a case that bad WAN port will cause the unit to reboot. Please help to open ticket for us to investigate. Your case will be accepted even warranty was expired.

Thank you.

thanks, ID [Ticket #761635]

In my Ticket #764048 Peplink wasn’t able to provide a solution.

The BA310v2: 6.3.1: spontaneous restarts up to 3 times within 6 hours. Replacing it with a BA310 HW rev3, upgrading firmware, not attaching it to the UPS power feed. It all didn’t improve the Peplink reboot issue.

At the point where PepLink support replied with:

We suspect it is a hardware related issue.
As the device is out of warranty, would you consider out of warranty repair?

I thought, I do also suspect that the issue is hardware related. And boy, Peplink support was right!

After exchanging/swapping the Peplink supplied PSU with a different make and model, the reboots were gone.

Thumbs down for the Misaki T S024EM1200200 switching power supply.

Note: when exchanging your power supply, make sure that:

  1. the label on the PSU has a voltage that is identical; too high voltage will probably damage your PepLink forever; too low and your device will not turn on or have stability issues.
  2. the polarity is identical (voltage positive at the core in our case); failure here might destruct your PepLink forever
  3. and that it can supply can enough power (at least in VA, otherwise check the Watt value); too little and your device will not boot or still have issues; higher power ratings are not an issue, though not efficient.