Balance 710 max speed of WAN

Hi we have a Balance 710 Hardware Revision 3
it has 6 Wan on it
3 X 100/100 (from 3 ISP)
3X 100/10

i want to upgrade 2 of the 100/100

so the new config will be
600/600 + 600/300 + 200/200 +3*100/10

Will the device be able to take advantage of the increase in speed on the three lines?
Which Peplink model can handle a higher speed?


Depends on the age of the B710.
HW1 of the B710 supported 350Mbps of router throughput (150Mbps of VPN).
The latest version supports 2.5Gbps of router throughput (400Mbps of VPN).

Here is a comparison of the B710, 1350 and B2500EC which can support 2.5Gbps, 5Gbps and 30Gbps of throughput respectively.

it is Hardware Revision 3
so does it support 2.5Gbps ?

Yes it seems so - if this page is up to date.:

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