Balance 580 won't boot - replace CompactFlash card?

Our Balance 580, which is a few years old, has stopped working. The LCD glows but nothing is displayed, and I can’t log into the unit over the LAN. Since the unit is out of warranty, I opened it up and saw the CompactFlash card. Considering the unit is a few years old, I wouldn’t be surprised if the card has gone to hardware heaven. If I were to install a new CompactFlash card (they’re so cheap after all), how would I go about installing firmware onto the empty card?

Hi Jonathan, this is not possible. We do offer an out-of-warranty repair service and you can inquire via a support ticket:

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it’d be great there was a way for us users to be able to re-flash the flash card ourselves, Don’t suppose you’d ever make an end user replacement a possibility?

we are building up a stack of Peplink Balance units that are dead with the Black boxes and it’s simply not cost effective to repair.

As mentioned by Tim, this is not possible. The only way is to proceed out-of-warranty repair.

Thank you for your understanding.

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well in the case that you have decided to not make it possible, hopefully you’ll make it more reasonably priced for users to get their devices repaired?