Balance 580 with multiple trunk from the same switch

Dear All,

would you please advise about the attached setup. is it going to work or we need to change the design.
we have below configuration:

  • span tree mode on sw1 is MST.
  • the two Peplink devices are configured in HA mode and connected to each other by back to back cable.
  • we have two vlans on SW1 (VLAN 107, and Vlan 103), each one with four ports, two of them which connected to the firewall cluster
    are in access mode, while the other two ports which connected to Peplink master and slave boxes are in
    trunk mode.

could you please advise about this setup, if it will work well or not.

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Looks good. I don’t think you need spanning tree and back-to-back cable between the Peplink though.

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Dear kv_Chen,
With this setup, only one trunk connection is working with us, and the other one is getting blocked.
Can you advice how to resolve the issue.

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Can you elaborate which link, out of the 4 trunk ports, are working?
By block, you meant the switch disable the port?

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thanks for your prompt support,

the two trunks which is connected to the master and coming from two different vlans (103, and 107), we have one of them up and the second is getting blocked. i.e. we can ping the IP address of peplink vlan 103 but not able to ping 107.

for span tree, the sw1 is cisco switch and using mst for span tree.

Please try the following.

  1. Remove back to back cable between the 2 Peplink devices.
  2. Keep it to a single trunk port between your Cisco switch and each of the Peplink device.
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Dear Kv_Chen,

actually it is the customer requirement to have one trunk per vlan, so we can’t remove the trunk.

For the back to back cable, we may remove it later as we are planning to connect a third vlan. it will be the native vlan and vrrp messages can go through it.

is there any issue in case we have multiple trunk between the Cisco switch and the peplink devices.

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