Balance 580 to Juniper SRX

We have one Balance 580 and build the VPN tunnel with Remote site , the configure as below

The VPN tunnel work fine but we always see the blog as below.

Have any idea about the log ? I don’t know why the log always happen.



Can you PM me the serial number of Balance 580? Please help to enable Remote Assistance as well.

Thank you.


Below is your IPSec settings. 3 x IPSec tunnels are using same WAN on Balance 580 and Juniper side.

Balance 580---------------------------------Juniper <-----IPSec tunnel1-----> <--------IPSec tunnel2-----> <--------IPSec tunnel3----->

Any reason you want to configure in such way? Fyi, this is not the recommended way. We recommend having an IPSec tunnel only between Balance 580 and Juniper

yes, original just <----IPSec tunnel1 –> and but always have the log so I try to separate to 2 different tunnel.


Please ensure 1 IPSec tunnel only between Balance 580 and Juniper as below. Then we will follow up from there if problem persists.

Balance 580----------------------------------------------Juniper, <-----IPSec tunnel----->,