Balance 580 Static route over WAN MPLS with multiples remotes sites

Hi everyone,

I have to integrate a B580 in an existing cisco routers MPLS network with more than 10 remotes sites. The problem is that statics routes are used to announce each remotes LAN network on each cisco routers.

For exemple, we have LAN on site A (where the B580 will be), LAN on site B and LAN on site C, the MPLS network address is for site A, for site B, for site C. How can i set statics route on B580 to each remotes sites B & C LAN ?


Hi, If I understand your issue correctly (bit hard without a diagram) you just need static routes for each subnet to be pointed at the ip of the Cisco on the subnet. That way the Balance 580 will then be able to route to the remote sites via the MPLS network.

Hi Chris,

Yes you are right. I need to add static route on Balance 580 to each remotes LANs.

Sorry, below a quick diagram to show what i want to do.

For exemable i have to add a static route on remotes cisco routers like this

ip route trough

I am looking for the same command in Peplink Balance language :sweat_smile:

Does your balance have an IP / interface on the network or just the network?

NETWORK → LAN → NETWORK SETTINGS is where you will find static routes :slight_smile:

My Balance have a WAN interface on network plus the LAN


Is not working, i have error

Gateway is not within the local network

I think Network → LAN → Network Settings → Static Route Settings is for route to LAN device/network like we have a Firewall between the LAN and the Balance

OK there is your problem. in Peplink speak, WAN interfaces are for internet connections (usually) What you want to do is create your as another LAN even though its your MPLS WAN. Then you can setup static routes.

Yeah, that is what i was thinking as last option.

Thanks Chris


Just to confirm, dynamic routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, RIPv2) available in Balance 580 can be used to solved this problem without using LAN port on peplink ?