Balance 580 running 7.1.2 build 2574 having issues with DNS resolvers


I have two 580s connected over an IC2 controlled Speedfussion tunnel. I have defined different DNS resolvers on the interfaces as well as the tunnel and I have manually set the DNS resolvers on the tunnel as below. I need for the host behind the peplink to resolve external IPs using when they go direct to net, but I need them to resolve internal names using (DNS server that lives across the speedfussion tunnel). This configuration seems to work fine with an HD2 (also connected to the same IC2 controlled star tunnel, but not with the 580?


Also, here is the network settings. The host on the back end are getting DHCP from a head end server, but we are manually setting the DNS to the peplink LAN IP to test and it will not resolve internal hosts?


Based on your explanation and screenshots, Balance 580 acts as DNS proxy for subnet Balance 580 will lookup the “external” domains (which not listed in Local DNS Records) via external DNS servers (, or internal DNS servers (,

Please uncheck “DIA - IUEC856753ATI” to ensure Balance 580 lookups the “external” domains (which not listed in Local DNS Records) from internal DNS servers ( or

Alternatively, please add the required hostnames in Local DNS Records.


I have unchecked the DIA settings but the 580 still does not send external dns to the server. In this exact configuration on a different HD2 site this configuration works fine, I get DNS externally to and internal DNS still works fine. Is there something different with the 580?



Please open a support ticket for support team to check.