Balance 580 power supply failure


I have a Balance 580 that was in production. This is one of several from the same vintage we have in operation. The power supply has failed and I have not had any success to finding a replacement. the power supply is an FSP 100-50LGA, however the connection fittings appear to be custom. I know this product is out of warranty but wanted to see if there was anything someone could suggest. thanks!

Officially I need to advise you to send it in for out of warranty repair. Unofficially I would tell you to buy a new same model PSU and get someone local with a soldering Iron and crimp tool that knows what they are doing to modify the new PSU with the right connectors.

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Looks like there are plenty of FSP 100-50LGA available online. If I bought one who would recommend that does that kind of work?

TV repair shops and general appliance repair companies. I have a local ‘Offical Samsung appliance repair centre’ which is actually an independent electronics engineer who repairs any brand of anything that comes in the doors. And automotive audio visual installation shops.

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Cool, ill look around

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