Balance 580 Hw2

Interesting you’re asking about a potential issue with your hardware because every B580HW2 I’ve sold periodically requires a reboot because it A.) Becomes unreachable via its GUI or B.) Actually locks up and stops routing. Combine this with the erratic/loud fan operation and I question why you ever changed the hardware??

The problem (A and B) you mentioned may not related to hardware. Please open ticket for us to investigate.

Thank you.

I’ll open a ticket, but clearly the loud/erratic fan can only be hardware/firmware related and I reported this problem when the first B580HW2 arrived and we were bench testing it. That resulted in it immediately being replaced, but the replacement was only marginally better in terms of the fan bouncing up and down but no better in terms of noise. Why is the fan running virtually full speed when the unit is stone cold??

Can you open ticket for us to follow up this case?

Thank you.

Just replying to #748415

Thanks. We will follow up from there.

Maybe you should move this to a new thread and title?