Balance 50 quandry

Hi All

I’ve just taken delivery of two Balance 50’s, that I’m now configuring. All is good up to the point where I want to be able to navigate via browser to the admin pages of the two attached cellular modems. Having entered firewall rules to allow access on the specific ports, I can access the Spark Modem on, but not the Vodafone one on Before entering the firewall rule, I had no access at all to the admin pages. I can browse the internet with no issue at all with this configuration.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!




  1. Please avoid using same IP subnet (192.168.13.x) for WAN2 and WAN3 then try again.

  2. Firewall will not block anything based on the default settings. Can you share your existing Firewall Outbound rules? If this is sensitive, please open ticket here for us to check further.

Two rules were added after the default settings didn’t work - both the same apart from the destination address, to allow TCP access on port 9191 to the IP address of each device. As a test, I changed the port for the second device to by 9292, but this failed to work as well.


Have you avoid using same IP subnet (192.168.13.x) for WAN2 and WAN3 then try again?

Your default Outbound Firewall rule is deny all traffics?

Much to my frustration, I tried that last week as well, with no luck. However having left it for the weekend, I’ve gone back and repeated the exercise, changing one modem to a address and hey presto its working.

What can I say … its dots and numbers!

Thanks for your guidance TK!