Balance 50 AP Controller Issues with Pepwave AP One

I am running firmware 6.1.2s074 build 2832 on Peplink Balance 50. I have one (1) Pepwave AP One attached. When I activated AP Management it seems to have overwritten the SSID configuration I had configured on the AP One. I can understand this since it is managing the AP from within Balance 50. Here is where I am confused.

  1. I can log into the default SSID using the default WPA2 shared key. However, if I change the WPA2 shared key and apply changes, the new shared key is not active. I cannot login to the default SSID using the new shared key, but I can using the default shared key. When I check the settings, the new shared key is showing as saved. Weird.

  2. When I added a new SSID with WPA2 shared key, the new SSID is not broadcast even though the Broadcast SSID checkbox is active.

  3. The dashboard says 0 Access Points online, but I can connect to it and gain WAN connectivity to the Internet

I am confused why the AP management isn’t allowing me to manage the AP One like I could when I managed it through the AP One admin UI. I tried to disable AP management so I could reconfigure the AP One back to my previous SSID and shared key, but even with AP Contoller disabled it still broadcasts the default SSID and I cannot access the AP One Admin UI to make any changes like I could before by directly connecting to the AP One and using a IP on the 192.168.0 range.

What am I doing wrong?

Not sure what changed but as of this morning the AP is showing as online in my Balance 50.


The synchronization between AP controller and AP needs time. Please ensure they are fully synced as below:-

Alternatively, ensure Real Time Status in AP is “Running” as below:-