Balance 380 - Reporting Inbound and Outbound Traffic


I am on firmware 5.4.9. Are there reports/log on inbound and outbound traffic? I know that there is the Event Log and you can enable this for created rules.
But is there anything that would show for example on Inbound an attempted access from an IP addresss? Or, something similar on the Outbound side?




Hi Jason,

Thanks for the question. You’re correct that there’s event logging you can setup to try and record things. It’s good for some short term troubleshooting but don’t leave longterm. Otherwise Active Sessions (Status > Active Sessions) will give you a “snapshot” of what’s going on at that moment but it doesn’t store it on it own.

I hope that helps! Let me know if there’s other questions.


Active Sessions is nice. Is there a way to poll that via SNMP or through syslog?


Hi Jason,

No at this moment. You can post your feature request at

Thank you.


Thanks for the above. I posted a couple of feature requests.