Balance 380 & PepVPN behind corporate firewall

We’re attempting to connect some PepLink Max clients to a Balance 380 that is sitting behind our firewall, but the Balance never responds to the requests on TCP32015. We have LAN1 configured with a mgmt IP and WAN3 configured with a private IP on a different subnet. Firewall is NATing our private WAN3 IP and we have TCP/UCP 32015 and UDP4500 open. We’ve changed WAN3 from “NAT” to “ip-forward” but something is missing. A couple of the community posts discuss the need for additional static routes or perhaps using “Drop-in mode.” Does anyone have this working and can share what is needed?

So long as your Firewall can ping the WAN3 IP ( and you have opened the ports correctly SpeedFusion should connect fine.

Try port forwarding to the web ui on WAN3 as a test (you’ll need to enable LAN/WAN access for web ui in System settings on the B380) - does that work?