Balance 380 Network

Installing 2 Balance 380’s (Master and Slave) for a Nursing home that will have 140 analog phones and 65 IP phones.

Each Floor has all Cat5e for all the analog phones that run back to a 110 Block (All Floors exactly the same)

We are converting from 110 blok to a patch panel and also terminating the user end, then installing small Cisco Managed Gig switch on each floor with fiber running down the main switch where the 2 380’s will be.

We are trying to push all phones to be fully hosted but in the event that we can’t because of costs, does anyone know of a good ATA device that I could put on each floor to connect all RJ11 analog phones into?

I know Adtran has some good stuff but after looking at the Adtran 924e, I don’t see 24 “Physical Ports” that I would need to plug in all my analog RJ 11 jacks.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

I found the Grandstream GXW4224/4228, does anyone have any experience in terms of reliability with these?