Balance 380 - loss of lan nat

I have a 380 Balance and can no longer ping all internal IP’s Most will work but I have lost conductivity for several

The device is wireless and the balance shows it in the client list with active internal IP
The device is PORT FORWARDED and I can see the device from the WAN but not from the LAN

I dont have any other limits on this item, as it is IP .59 and .55 works, and .65 works so I cannot explain why .59 does not.

My understanding is my NAT may have limited this somehow and normally I would reset the NAT table but not sure how to proceed with this on the 380.

**Also on a different question, I have a 580 as well, can I save the config from the 380 and import it to the 580 or what method should I use to transfer my setup from the 380 to the 580

Thanks in advance.