Balance 380 - Internal traffic fails across tunnels

Hello, I’ve had the Balance 380 in production for a few years now and we just recently began having issues with traffic flowing over the tunnels to HD4 routers. I believe the WAN1 connection we were using on the Balance 380 died. I no longer see it in the list of interfaces to configure. I move the settings to WAN 3 and I see the tunnels form with the spoke HD4 and can ping from the Balance 380 to the HD4 but my internal network traffic doesn’t seem to work.
Is there anything on the HD4 spoke end that would need to change if I just changed the WAN interface on the Balance 380? Thanks for any advice!

Internal traffic on the B380 or the HD4? If the B380 you might need to change your outbound policies so they don’t try and use WAN1 but use WAN3 instead.

Not if you have just moved the cable in WAN1 to WAN3 and the public IP address hasn’t changed during the move.