Balance 380 HW6 and FW 7

I have a Peplink Balance 380 that reports as HW6. I was on FW 6.3.1 and I upgraded it to 7.0.0 Build 1904. Status on admin and front panel report this version OK, as does the log file.

Now when I look at the 7.0.0 manual page 50.(…) I notice that the options on my P380 Network->Wan->Wan1->Connection settings are missing some settings compared to page 50. Like:

Operating Schedule → Click the drop-down menu to apply a time schedule to this interface
Hostname → Enter a hostname for this WAN port if needed.
DNS Servers Select a DNS server for this port to use. This port can either be automatically selected or manually designated.

Likewise there are some options on my screen not in the manual like:

Connection Type

Have I got the right manual?

Thanks for reporting this. Your message has been pass to the team. We will update our manual accordingly.

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