Balance 380 ~ Firmware update failed ~ System slow / wont load PepVPN connections

I attempted to update the firmware on my Balance 380 from 6.1.0 build 2863 to 6.1.2 but during the update process the web portal stated it failed.

Now the 380 is pegged out on CPU, keeps dropping WAN connectivity and the PepVPN connections wont re-establish to the field offices.

I have tried downloading a diagnostic report but it fails… “An error occurred while reading CGI reply (no response received)”

The web portal is very slow.

Any thoughts?



Please open ticket for us to check further.

Submitted a ticket last night, waiting on a response. Called Peplink this morning and they said that FrontierUS had the ticket. In the mean time, I had to power cycle the router this morning to get our phones back up and lost my up time .



Thanks for update. Our support will follow up from there.


So I had to power cycle the router to get the PepVPN sessions to come backup up and to restore internet connectivity, rebooting to firmware 6.1.0. I again attempted the firmware upgrade on Sunday night from the same workstation on the LAN and was able to upgrade the firmware w/o issue. I still would like to know what happened to cause the firmware update to fail. The firmware had been uploaded to the Balance 380 fine, but the update had failed after that point.



Based on the checking, you have upgraded to v6.1.2 on 23 Nov. Please continue monitor. Do let us know if problem persist.

Thank you.