Balance 380 factory reset

I have a balance 380 router and somehow a cannot access it anymore, i would like to do a factory reset and load my backup config (.conf)… my question is. after a factory reset will ALL my setup and configuration on the router be restore using my .conf file??? please help. thanks!

One thing to try before factory reset. Power off the router, unplug everything from the router and let it sit a bit. Can’t hurt.

All your config settings should be restored by the .conf file. Not sure about the Event Logs, the factory reset may wipe them out forever.

i did some changes on it to be access only in LAN and http. and after i made that changes i could no longer access it page cannot be displayed. will the username and password for the internet connection PPPoE restored upon uploading the .conf file and all the VPN setup and all its credentials?

Perhaps you can get into the router from Incontrol2? The purpose of the .conf file is to save all the settings, so without testing each one, I would assume that it has done this. For good luck keep two copies of the .conf file.

Hi there Michael. On my Peplink Balance 380 there is a menu that says, Reset Admin Password. Have you tried this already?