Balance 380 - dead

I’ve been a fan of Peplink for a few years now and have purchase numerous routers for various companies.

I’ve purchased 2 380’s: the first one lasted over seven years, the second one less than three.

The second one was being used in a critical production environment and it’s failure caused pain.

Now I’m told I have to buy a new one as the warranty is 1 year.

How can it be that I have a $1500 laptop that get’s used daily for over four years and is still going strong - while my $3k Peplink 380 lasts less than 3 years?

How can it be that my $100 tp-link router lasts 5+ years, and my $3k Peplink 380 less than 3?

I’ll tell you how - cheap hardware sold by a company that has lost it’s way.

I will not trade this in, I want you to stand behind your product and fix it, 3 years is unacceptable.

From a marketing perspective, it would be well worth your time.

SN: 1825-499e-161a

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