Balance 380 configuration

I have comcast 175 meg on wan 1, att cellular on the usb port.
I want to direct all IP phone traffic to the ATT cellular usb and failover to the ATT when it fails or depletes the bandwidth allowance.
can anyone help with this configuration?
How can i determine if the traffic is flowing the way described?

Does anyone have configuration advice to direct specific viop traffic across a specific wan port. We have an unstable comcast connection that drops voip calls when the balance 380 fails over to the att cellular wan connection. I want to force all voip traffice over the cellular wan connection unless the cellular wan drops.

thank you


Can you provide detail info how your IP-phone network is being setup ? Did the IP-phone network separated from LAN PC network (Other VLAN) ?

If yes, basically you can use outbound policy to control the traffics flow.

IP-Phone VLAN:
Highest Priority WAN - Cellular USB
Lower Priority WAN - Comcast - Backup WAN

Highest Priority WAN - Comcast
Lower Priority WAN - Cellular USB - Backup WAN

Else if IP-Phone & LAN PC are mixed in the LAN network then you may need to consider to use DHCP service to reserve the IP-Phone IP addresses and create outbound policy base on the reserved IP addresses as discussed above.

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Thank you for the information.

(3) 24 port gig switches ip phones are dispersed amongst the 3 switches
no vlan.
The ip phones are moved about the network as they desire (Move employees around constantly)


Seem no VLAN that separated between the IP Phone & LAN PC, you need to use DHCP service/server to reserve the IP-Phone IP addresses and create outbound policy base on the reserved IP addresses as discussed above.

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I have reserved my ip phones by mac address and created outbound policies for the ports i need (5060-5090, 20000-52001) (UDP) and i still see active sessions of one of the iMacs on the lan going out the cellular. and i see some sessions for SIP (5090) going out the cable wan.

Can you post a screenshot of your DHCP reservation and outbound rules? Otherwise you can open a support ticket and we can help you that way:

Here are the screen shots

The outbound rules for the phones looks correct, you may just need to restart the phones. All phone traffic should be going out the cellular connection as long as it is healthy. The iMac you saw going across may have already been established over the cellular when you updated the default rule. Go ahead and monitor for a few days and let us know how its going. Thanks.


Can you please change the outbound policy using IP address and enable "Terminate Session on Link Recovery ? This will make sure when the highest priority WAN is up again, existing session will be terminated & reroute using the highest priority WAN. If the “Terminate Session on Link Recovery” is not enable, existing session will persist using the backup WAN (lowest priority WAN) until a new session is initiated.

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