Balance 380/580 FTP Sessions


Do both the Balance 380 and the Balance 580 (firmware 5.4.9 build 2573 and later) automatically perform address translation in FTP sessions?

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Can you elaborate more on your question please?


I am using Rumpus as an FTP server. In the configuration is a field named External Network IP Address. Since I have multiple WANs with a Peplink, I asked Rumpus’ tech support if I had to have an IP address in the *External Network IP Address *field. Their response was “*That depends on the router. Some routers automatically perform address translation in FTP sessions, others don’t. If your router doesn’t, then Rumpus needs to know the external network address so it can properly direct clients to it. If your router does perform address translation, then you can leave the field blank.”
Is that helpful?

Our routers do support NAT for FTP sessions, so you should be able to leave that field blank.

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In addition, please make sure your have turn on “FTP Passthrough” in Web Admin “Network > Misc. Settings > Service Passthrough”.