Balance 310X Jumbo Frame


Does peplink 310X supports Jumbo Frame?

Last i checked from other threads, this was mentioned: Jumbo frame support is only available in the Balance 305 and up models.


@woeishen0327, have you try with the latest firmware, 8.1.1, currently on Beta 2?

It is stated in the Release Notes:

More details on firmware 8.1.1 Beta 2 can be found here.

Hi WeiMing,

Noted on that, is there any other Balance series products (lower than 305) that supports Jumbo frame?

Thank you!

Hi Wei Ming

May i know if mediafast supports Jumbo frame? Because the release note only mentioned a few balance device, so can i assume only the specific models do jumbo frame?

Thanks :slight_smile:

These are the latest models that added the feature, it was introduced in the higher-end models quite some time ago.

Do you mind sharing with me the specific model(s) that you are interested in? Also, what is the deployment scenario that seems the Jumbo Frame is crucial to be available?

Understood, so MediaFast 750 should have jumboframe right?

We are looking at Peplink Solution for a company that provides DR. So they have some crucial customers who use Jumbo Frame.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, MediaFast 750 supports jumbo frame.

Alright, thanks guys :)))