Balance 310 reboot by itself

I have a Balance 310. I upgraded to firmware 5.4.9 4 weeks . 2 weeks ago the 310 went into a state that DHCP stopped handing out IP address. If I put static IP address to my laptop, I can get the Balance 310. The log showed nothing except the last restart info. I could not do anything except reboot it. after reboot it worked fine. On the same balance 310 3 weeks ago, it just reboot by itself. the log was no help. I even have the syslog server to catch the log so that the log doesn’t clear along with the reboot. Last week I have another balance 310 at another site, it also rebooted by itself. Does any one know of any issue with firmware 5.4.9 that arbitrary reboot these peplink balance? thanks.


Thank you for all of the information provided this far. If you could open a support ticket for us to take a closer look: