Balance 310- No PPPoE service detected

We have two modems with bonded DSL lines in bridge mode. A few weeks ago modem one showed a status of Connecting… then " No PPPoE service detected", then back to connecting. Thinking the modem had failed, ordered a new Zytel C3000z, it still fails to connect with the new modem installed. Called the ISP, trained the modem up on its own by giving it the proper credentials, switched back to bridge mode, gave the peplink the same credentials, still getting the same loop. What am I missing here?

Did you set the MTU to 1492? Thanks

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No, it is at 1440, there are two identical modems, last week modem one started doing this, in WAN1 mtu-is1440, WAN 3 is also set to 1440 and is functional.