Balance 310 -- Maximum Throughput


Hello everyone,

I’ve been using 310 for about two years now and love it. But I recently, and finally, got a fiber optic internet connection with a speed of 200Mbps Down – 25Mbps Up.

My question is:

Does the 310 allows speeds over 100Mbps since it is mentioned in the “Balance Model Comparison” webpage that the 310 has a Router Throughput of 100Mbps.



The WAN to LAN router throughput rating is based on the sum of your simultaneous upload and downloads for all WANs. The 200 Mbps fiber optic connection exceeds the capacity of your Balance 310 which can lead to undesirable behavior.

The newer Balance 210/310s (HW revision 4) will see a performance increase with the upcoming 6.2.1 firmware.


Thank you Ron for the quick response.